Frequently asked questions

Why do I need your services?

Every tech company needs servers. Servers need professional system administrators to set them up, maintain them and if necessary resolve issues. This is our job - we setup servers, maintain them and if there are some issues with them we fix them.

Why should I trust you?

You may be surprised but you are already trusting a third party company with your servers and data - your hosting or cloud provider, whoever it may be. This provider and its staff technically has full access to your files and data. On the other hand, your backups are encrypted on our servers and we have absolutely no access to your actual data. Moonshot Solutions is a legit US company, registered in the state of Delaware and you are more than welcome to check us out. Our job and aim are to provide you with the best possible system administration as a service. Our system has very specific workflow and we have strict control over the work that is being done from our engineers. We have no desire nor interest to harm you, because we are here to do business and we just can't wait to get started!

Why do you need credentials to my server?

We need credentials to your infrastructure in case you sign up for emergency hours. In this case we need them in order to resolve an issue in an emergency situation, as soon as the monitoring system warn us. All credentials are being stored encrypted and only a qualified engineer has access to them to resolve the issue. Additionally to this, all administration activities are being logged for more security and convenience. In case you subscribed for backup and monitoring only we do not keep any credentials, and if an issue occurs you will have to provide them with the support request.

Are the backups encrypted?

Yes, all your data is encrypted and 100% secure in our datacenters.

What is an emergency hour?

Emergency hours can be described as an insurance. Emergency hours cover force majeure situations in which our 24/7 monitoring detects a problem with your server. In such a scenario our engineers will act immediately and accordingly to resolve the occurred issues, without waiting for a support request from your side.

What is a system administration hour?

A system administration hour is an hour in which you specifically request assistance from our engineer in case of a problem or to fulfil your need.

What is the price of a system administration hour?

The price of a system administration hour is $39.98. In return you will benefit from a professional system administrators and their expertise.

How much storage space do I have for my backups?

The standard allocated storage space, dedicated for daily incremental backups is 100GB per server.

What if my backup is larger than your allowed maximum?

In case the 100GB allocated space is not enough for you we are offering additional storage for 0.1$ per GB.

Can I trust your system backup?

You can always check, in your account when and what backups had being done. If there was an error and a backup had not being created, the system will warn you. Additionally to this, your backups are being kept on multiple different locations for maximum security and reliability.

When will you bill me?

Our policy is to bill you not in advance but at the end of the month, when it is clear how many system administration hours have you used (if any) in addition the the monitoring and backup.

Can I get a discount?

Yes you can! You can benefit from our referrals program and the discount banners. For more information and details visit our referrals program and discount banners pages.

I am a startup, can I get some benefits?

Yay! Congratulations for your bravery and courage! Good news - we have special offer for you. As a startup you can benefit from our incredible offer - one full year professional support and maintenance from expert system administrators and engineers, free initial server setup and three months unlimited system administration support and maintenance. To grab the deal just visit our Startup program page.