System Administration as a Service

We provide system management, maintenance, monitoring and backup

Services and benefits

Securemin provides professional remote system administration services. Core parts of our solutions are the 24/7 monitoring which alerts us immediately in case of emergency, and our daily backup which guarantees that even in case of a hardware malfunction, your server will be safe. Our team of highly skilled engineers will manage and maintain your servers and in case of emergency, will react immediately and will resolve the issues.

Remote system administration as a service

Vendor and hosting independent

We’ve got you covered - 24/7 monitoring and backup

Affordable expert admins


Setup server by yourself

Let us do it for you

$14.98 / m

30 days trial

Backup and monitoring

Ideal if you already have servers and maintain them, but you want to outsource their monitoring and backup.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100 GB daily incremental backup

$24.98 / m

30 days trial

Full system administration

Best solution for full system protection. The emergency reaction hours guarantees that in case of emergency our engineers will act immediately.

  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100 GB daily incremental backup
  • 2 emergency hours

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Let us setup server for you

Great solution if you need help in setting up your servers from scratch.

Provide us with credentials and access to your server and we will set it up as you need it.

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Supported service providers

Your service provider is not listed? Don't worry - we support basically every provider.
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