Configuring backup

Windows systems

The following document will guide you through the steps needed to correctly setup the backup client for

  1. Download the backup client - [win32] [win64]
  2. Download the archive file from your dashboard.

  3. Install the backup client.
    • When prompted for a installation type select "Automatic". Мake sure that you have marked only "Client", "Plugins" and "Documentation".
    • When prompted for a name of Bacula Director just click "next".
  4. After the installation is complete, go to Task Manager \ Services and Stop "Bacula-fd" services.
  5. Delete the old configuration file - "C:\Program Files\Bacula\bacula-fd.conf".
  6. Unzip the archive downloaded from your dashboard in "C:\Program Files\Bacula\".
  7. Start "Bacula-fd" services from Task Manager/Services - Bacula-fd.
  8. Enjoy!

If you use a Public IP without NAT, please only allow the following ports on your firewall:
9102 for
10051 for
10050 for

Please keep in mind that if your server is behind a NAT or a firewall you will have to allow port 9102. If the Bacula client is not in the list, add it through the "Allow another program button":