Configuring monitoring

Windows systems

The following document will guide you through the steps needed to correctly setup the monitoring client for

  1. Download the monitoring client - [i386, amd64]
  2. Download the monitoring conf file from your dashboard:

  3. Copy the conf file zabbix_agentd.conf in the following directory:

  4. Unzip the downloaded client in the following directory:

  5. Install the client as a service, from the console (you must be with administrator privileges) with the following command:

    cd C:\zabbix_agents\bin\win64\
    zabbix_agentd.exe –c C:\zabbix_agentd.conf –i
    zabbix_agentd.exe –s


    -s - start
    -x - stop
    -i - install
    -d - uninstall
    -c - path to conf file
  6. Allow the client in Windows Firewall
  7. Enjoy!

If you use a Public IP without NAT, please only allow the following ports on your firewall:
9201 for
10051 for
10050 for

Please keep in mind that if your server is behind a NAT or there is a firewall behind it, you will have to enable port forwarding for 10050 and 10051. Such port forwarding is a common requirement for service providers such as: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform.